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As premier overseas recruiters, OM HR Services, a division of the esteemed OM Group of Companies, stands as a cornerstone within our diverse business ventures. Alongside OM International, OM Education Services, OM Capital, and OM Chrome, we contribute to the group’s expansive portfolio. Operating in Pakistan for numerous years, we have showcased remarkable growth within the Overseas Employment Promotion (OEP) sector.

Despite the industry’s volatility, OM HR Services has remained resilient, navigating challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic. Our enduring success is attributed to a robust foundation and extensive network, supported by our sister companies.

While the Overseas Employment Industry has experienced fluctuations, we have adeptly navigated these intricacies, leveraging strong ties and strategic alliances. Our commitment and adaptability have not only allowed us to persevere but also to thrive, positioning us as a trusted partner for overseas employment solutions.

Transparency, reliability, and client satisfaction are the cornerstones of our operations. With OM HR Services, clients can trust they are in capable hands, backed by a legacy of excellence and innovation within the OM Group of Companies.

As the best recruitment agency specializing in job placement abroad, we are dedicated to connecting talented individuals with rewarding opportunities overseas. Our team of overseas employment specialists ensures a seamless process from application to placement, guiding candidates through every step with expertise and support.

At OM HR Services, we understand the significance of finding the right fit for both employers and job seekers. With our extensive network and in-depth industry knowledge, we match qualified candidates with positions that align with their skills, experience, and career goals.

We take pride in our ability to facilitate job placements abroad, opening doors to exciting new opportunities for professionals across various industries. Whether you’re seeking temporary assignments, contract positions, or permanent roles, we have the resources and expertise to assist you in your overseas employment journey.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond mere placement; we strive to ensure a positive and fulfilling experience for both employers and candidates alike. From assisting with visa processing and relocation logistics to providing ongoing support and guidance, we are dedicated to facilitating smooth transitions and long-term success.

As trusted overseas employment specialists, we prioritize integrity, professionalism, and client satisfaction in everything we do. With OM HR Services, you can trust that your overseas recruitment needs are in capable hands, backed by a team of dedicated professionals committed to your success.

In today’s globalized world, the demand for skilled professionals transcends borders. Whether you’re a multinational corporation seeking top talent or an individual aspiring to work abroad, OM HR Services is your partner in navigating the complex landscape of overseas employment. Let us help you unlock new opportunities and achieve your career aspirations with confidence and ease.

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The overseas employment market in countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and others has experienced significant shifts in dynamics, particularly in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. With travel restrictions, economic uncertainties, and evolving labor regulations, both employers and job seekers are navigating a rapidly changing landscape.

OM HR Services recognizes the importance of adapting to these changes and remains at the forefront of assisting overseas employment aspirants and employers alike. Leveraging our expertise and understanding of the evolving environment, we provide tailored solutions to match skilled professionals with the right opportunities, ensuring mutual benefit and success in a challenging market scenario.


Prof. Dr. Omar Masood” is the CEO / OM International Private Limited; he is an internationally renowned educationist and private equity expert. Prof. Masood has over 20 years experience of teaching, consultancy, administrative roles in some of the leading universities and financial institutions in the world. Prof. Masood, is the author of ten books with leading publishers; three of them have been “International Best Selling” including “Truth about the Global Financial Crisis” and “Multiplying Money through Financial Management”.